Compassion Can't Wait

Whose cry echoes the lament of us all who has lost a child.

One mother’s cry echoes the lament of us all who have lost a child.

Whatever language we speak, wherever we are, our pain is indescribable.

Giving birth to a child comes with the silent commitment to defend and protect.

In failing our sacred promise, we become inconsolable.

Daniella’s mother speaks the language of Universal loss since the beginning of time, and we all recognize itsnever-ending truth.

“My loving beam of light, turned off by itself, away from me, leaving me in the darkest place of misery.
I feel I lost everything that was beautiful in life; a daughter, smart, kind and funny, a friend…Always generous over the normal limit.
A sunshine!
Everything is so empty and sad!
So young, only 22 years younger than me…
When this beautiful child was born, my life was full in pride and happiness.
We had love, and fun and good times until….”
Leaving one speechless in everlasting sorrow… and always Daniella’s mother