May eternal light shine upon you.
I love and miss you.



Sweet Olivia, just praying for you up there hoping you have found yourself healed and renewed. I hope you are enjoying heaven but also hope you visit your Momma and Dad and brother too. I think of you often but I’m sure you know that. Thank you for the smile you give me when I think of you! Love you!


Get good job

Please pray for me to stop my enemies who is making too much problem and insulting me. I want to change my job. Please pray for me to get a good job where I can get good salary and happy life


Friends and family

Sadly missed



Please pray for my daughter Hannah, and my family, that God gives us all the strength and guidance to help us through this difficult time, I trust in the lord, I love my Lord, and I thank my Lord, for he shall always provide for us, strengthen us, and keep us safe from harm. Lead us the way. I believe in the power of prayer. Restore our health.


Betty Clark

May healing light and love bring Betty healing


Linda Rais

You are never alone. May you have peace and love in your heart always. Amen


For every child that may suffering

This prayer intent is to uplift, speak into fruition, as well as claim divine healing over each and every child that is suffering in any kind of way of such illnesses. I pray that every child, parent, supporter, company's foundation/organization and each and every person who donates-even those that wish to and can't….hearts be filled with hope!

Kenisha Pate

My son Angel

I pray for peace.i.pray my Lil. angel that he's ok and mommys so sorry that I couldn't help take the cancer away. mommy so sorry .im so sorry angel.i.love u so much and mommy miss you so much. mommy needs peace and strength.to keep going .i want to give up my heart is so heavy .im so lost. I feel I failed you, angel, .please forgive me. can u help mommy



For my already deceased little brother <3


For financial aid

Dear Jesus, You know before marriage i was praying for changing Rajeev to my way because my parents were waiting for my marriage and i as not able to told them that he cheated me, You helped me in away that i didnt expected, But before marriage i didnt expected and lies which i told to convince their parents,Kindly help me not get blames

Bhavani Life


For my 2 year old son who is undergoing chemotherapy. is in his second circle.


All the kids like me that had chance

To ease some of the worries and raise the hope and willpower to fight of the kids like me that had to fight cancer so early in their lives. And the parents that have to watch their babies go through that struggle and sometimes lose it. I went to St.Judes and they were so generous and I will forever be grateful tk them for saving my life



Find eternal peace.




May you live in bliss and light and safety
Be blessed beloved
Your Mom



Beverly Hills

I ask that you pour out your infinite and endless blessing upon anyone who is reading this!



I ask that you pour out your abundance and grace on anyone reading this!


I ask that you pour out your abundance and favor upon Rhi.